10 ways to reduce stress and anxiety

10 things to reduce Stress and Anxiety

The pandemic has not been declared over but after living two years in survival mode we are emerging from survival mode. It does not mean that our minds are at ease. Many have endured illness, economic upheaval, personal loss and changes. Beginning this spring April 2022 projectimperfecto experts are giving you tips and suggestions to overcome stress and anxiety. We are listing ten days to declutter your mind as we enter a new season.

1. Try your hand at Conflict and compassion Journal

Studies have found that jotting down thoughts in a journal can improve well-being. One method that has gained popularity in recent years is journalling. This helps the mind to exercise mindfulness by requiring one to continually reevaluate how you are investing your time and energy and decide whether those things are worth it.

In the conflict and compassion journal imagine someone with whom you are having conflict.

firstly write from your perspective and second, from another person’s perspective this will help you understand their viewpoint that will give you compassion and if nothing else happened it will give you an idea to let go of the situation.

2. Reduce information overload -watch your gadget timings

We strongly suggest with information coming at us in the form of notifications, social media post and emails can at times leaves us feeling anxious, angry or even helpless.

Projectimperfecto suggests you take a gadget day out just hang out with friends and take selfies from a camera instead of a `phone camera.

Monitor your time spend on social media and other places.

3. Reconnect with people whom you love

It is always the best way to establish bonds with near and dear ones. The nearest neighbour with whom you haven’t connected since last week .just go and sit with them. We need the support of people who make us feels good. It might even inspire a chain of positivity where the person you contacted feels inspired to do the same with others.

4. Declutter physical space with help of an organizer

+Messy spaces tend to prevent clear cognitive thinking. Declutter your space with help of an organizer easily available in the market or simply use

5. Practise being mindfulness

Meditation is one of the best tools to be in the present moment. It is one of the best methods to release unwanted thoughts from our minds. Projectimperfecto suggests starting with Sri Sri Ravishankar guided meditation that is available on an app named sattva and the art of living app.

6.Try switchwords

Switchwords are set of phrases that can be help in shifting your mood and can bring change in situation.Projectimperfecto is suggesting general switch here .You can connect with us for personalized swithcwords.


Lets share simple and effective technique easily available at your hand is planting trees and do effective planting and gardening.Projectimperfecto suggest hit the local shop get your favorite pot and find plants suitable for local climate.

Dont forget to watering them.Happy Gardening.

8.Find yoga centre near you

Yoga do have infinite capability to bring your mind in present moment.You just have to find nearest yoga centre or nothing happens reach to us. I regularly take physical classes here in BANGALORE.We can certainly arrange virtual for you.

9.Understand your issues

We want you to understand your issues either it falls under category of stress or it reached to level of constant anxiety.Follow our social media handle just to be updated.

10.Watch your food

Last but not the least watch your diet have protein rich food,gut healthy food,omega rich food,food rich in vitamin B.Projectimperfecto will discuss everything in detail.

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