15 ways to control your anxiety

1. Create a to-do list

Note down things that are stressing you out and break them into a to-do list. It is always a great idea to have a bigger goal and small steps leading towards that goal.

2.Take deep breaths

Taking a step away may help your body to handle stress better. The idea is to get your breath slower and activate the body’s relaxation mode.

3. Scale it down

Set realistic goals. Goals are simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Make sure you have some realistic goals.

4.Know the sign of stress

Irritability, fatigue, anger and headache all are physical signs of stress. Make sure to address them wisely. Try to take a small walk in corridors. Have lemon-water.

5. Make a budget

Money is always a stressful factor for Indians (with spending the past few years in corona most of the economy has hit a jolt). So it is suggested to take a longer route than any shortcut with hidden shortcomings. Make a proper budget by taking different outcomes into consideration.

6. Eat and drink wisely

Eating a balanced amount of whole grain, lean meats, fresh juice and veggies can help you manage your stress level. Have a more balanced nutrients diet.

7. Remember to laugh

Take time to enjoy small victories and appreciate them. Just remember oxygen levels suddenly tend to increase when you had a good laugh.

8. Chat with a friend

Phone a friend is always the best idea. If you are blessed with a group of friends with whom you can share your feelings and anxiety then it is the best idea to take the time and reach out to them.

9.Listen to the light music

Studies suggested that listening to light music or the soothing sound of nature can be a stress buster.

10. Get some exercise into your day

Cardiovascular exercise releases feel-good hormones into the brain called endorphins which make us happier and less stressed.

11.Get enough sleep

A survey suggested that sleep-deprived subjects have lesser tolerance for stress.

12. Take a nap

One study suggested that person who take nap after a long night showed less amount of stress-related hormone cortisol.

13.Take a break from what is stressing you out

You already know what is stressing you out so make sure to expose yourself in moderation.

14.Talk a doctor/Therapist

If none of the above help and you are falling in the category of chronic stress reach out to us.

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