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How my views changed

I have been a professional in the field of engineering. I seek and that is my true drive. Recently busy with my new responsibility of raising kids and going through insurmountable emotional changes. I have turned for all the possible knowledge that could smoothen my emotions. After feeling a certain degree of relief.

I exchanged relevant information with sisters who have nourished my love for information, even more, I found myself in a newer domain. With the progress of time, I realised how healthcare was not about taking pills at the right time. In fact, pills had nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with the suppression of symptoms that stemmed from more serious underlying problems. Was that a shocker? There’s more!

I had always believed that medicine was not limited to just the hospital or to a visit to a physician. Neither could it be effective if advocated in the form of a defined set of instructions that hardly paid attention to how every part of the mind, body and soul are connected. A balance of all three results in the attainment of the pinnacle of physical and emotional health. So pull your socks up. This healthcare journey is more about bliss than pain and patterns.

The realisation

This realisation was the end point of my journey for the truth – What factors shape humans? What causes what to flourish and what causes what to die? What practices culminate into an auto immune disorder and what practices lead to a prolonged life full of contentment and bliss. I found answers and that was not the end. Rather it set me off to a new beginning. We all love new beginnings don’t we? Read on.

How it happened

I started coordinating with nutritionists, wellness experts and advocates of integrative and holistic healthcare. I ended up with a very astonishing discovery. There were hundreds and thousand of people – from all walks of life that were looking for similar information and were extremely passionate about it. I found researchers, authors, activists, community leaders and experts all focused on that one prime thing. They wanted to transform lives. They were trying to build an experience of living in a manner that only nourishes and heals the body. Starting something new with noble intentions makes us all feel pumped up right? We too! Same pinch reader.


That needed me to collaborate with a lot of people from the most diverse spheres of life. I found dancers, teachers and nutritionists all of them contributing small and big chunks of relevant information to our database about holistic health. The effort blew into bigger figures. As the advancement of our research moved forward, we decided to not only preach but also provide for the help in a more active way.

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