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What if I told you, there is a scheme which generates great interest every time? You might get suspicious but don’t brush it off as a Ponzi scheme. There is a profitable stock in the market of life which is tried and tested. It will pay off. That stock is You.

Nobody knows you better than you. Nobody cares for you more than you. Nobody can have the influence you have on yourself. We are here to help you discover that real you. It can be intimidating at first. But you can make a difference, slowly and consistently.

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Through our services, we will empower you to reach your maximum potential. We provide expertise in the following fields and more –


Health care begins with self-care. When you take care of yourself, not only do you prevent ailments but also gain more confidence to take on challenges.

Our team empowers you to invest in yourself. We will inspire you to live better by focusing on these key areas:

  1. Productivity – Make the most out of your time by doing what’s truly important to you.
  2. Organizing your Life – Declutter your life and place your priorities in order.
  3. Improved Lifestyle – Live with a plan. Have effective routines and activities in your daily regimen to live a fulfilling life.


Our biggest support comes from people (friends and family). Yet, people also have the potential to hurt us.

Our expertise on relationships will help you cope with setbacks. More importantly, we will motivate you to strengthen the ties with your loved ones for more meaningful relationships. Regardless of your status in a relationship, we can offer you advice on –

  1. Moving-in – Be it a live-in arrangement or a legally ordained marriage, we got you covered. Learn from our experts how to work together with your partner has a team.
  2. Looking for the “one” – In case you are still searching for your ideal partner, don’t worry. We will advise you on how to find your perfect match. If you are confused about what you want, talk to us. We will help you discover your “type”.
  3. Motherhood – Raising children is serious business. But it can also be fun and rewarding. Don’t fear motherhood. Talk to us, and we will show you the tropes of making it work. Being a single mother can be especially challenging. Reach out to us. We can make it happen, together.
  4. Breaking up and Moving on – Surviving heartbreak is difficult. It can take months before we let ourselves trust someone again. With our support and counselling, you will find the strength to forgive and move on. Talk to us- we listen with love and care.

Our Methods

We use tested and effective methods to help you. Some of them are –

  1. Counselling (Therapy) – Projectimperfect is a low cost therapy center that provides a variety of affordable therapy options for those seeking a way to work through their problems. We listen with care and without judgement. Unburden yourself by releasing all your thoughts, no matter how toxic or embarrassing you think they are. We value your privacy and guarantee the information will remain between us only.
  2. Yoga and Meditation – Discover the peace within you with the help of our experts. Become more mindful of yourself and develop self-compassion. Yoga will also help you improve your physical health.
  3. Other Therapies – We offer a range of other effective treatments like – Color therapy, Reiki, Karuna healing, Soul cleansing etc.     

In Conclusion

Reach out to us. We will teach you to reach deep within yourself. Our team of professionals are here to support you in discovering your potential. Don’t let happiness elude you any longer. Come to us- let’s find your joy together.

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