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Get Energized-

Have you ever had that feeling where you enter into a state where everything seems conquerable and you feel invincible like a Wonder Woman? That is the magic of a burst of energy. We understand the importance of living with a constant feeling of ‘pumped up‘.

Your high spirits not only help you prosper but also manipulate your surrounding people in a positive way. An energetic leader makes his group mates energetic too.

That is true the other way round as well. If you feel down and lazy, so will everyone who has been living with you over a long period of time. We constantly ape others and it’s not a conscious thing. So your energy game needs to be on point. Here are a few suggestions.

So your energy game needs to be on point. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Meditate
  • Eat good food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Move
  • Practise gratitude
  • Speak less
  • Sleep early
  • Wake up with the sun


Sit down in one corner of a quiet space and try to listen to the sounds around you. Understand that your attention shifts and chooses to focus on one among the hundred things that are housed in your mind. You have to remember that you can consciously make the choice to choose what you think and that comes with practise. When you engage with good thoughts, you will prevent the depletion your mental energy from thoughts that are not constructive.

Eat good food

You are what you eat. The food you eat influences the way you think. Eating foods high in carbs and fats makes you lethargic and lazy. At the same time, substituting your diet with fibres and proteins improves your health. You should try to eat as much unprocessed food as possible. Preparing everything from scratch ensures you eat the purest food possible and that is what will give you maximum energy.

Drink lots of water

When we hydrate, our cells get water to effect more metabolism which in turn gets us ATP boosts. If the body is an engine, water is the prime fuel. So ensure that you drink lots of water. You could try to fortify it with other natural additions like herbal leaves and fruits to improve its nutritional composition.


Instead of gymming or cardio, we recommend you to take up more movement inclusive lifestyles. You could use a cycle instead of a gas vehicle or do things while walking instead of sitting on the couch. Make sure the movement is less intentional and more natural. Consequently, you will not feel the obligation to get up for a strenuous workout. Research proves that stamina of such active people improves more and they have greater life expectancy as compared to people who do gymming or cardio workouts.

Practise gratitude

You will reach a higher state of energy only when you learn to appreciate your present one. Feel grateful to God that you are alive, breathing and there is a beautiful world out there waiting for you. Feel grateful that you have the energy to do your tasks. That will infuse a spirit of positivity into your mind that will motivate you more to do what you want to.

Sleep early

You should try to align your body clock with the natural clock of mother earth. Wake up when the sun goes up and sleep when it goes down. Never miss watching the sunrise or sunset.

There are mysterious forces at work in nature that bless you with goodwill and strength to make it through the day and night. Early morning is the time when nature welcomes you to participate in its beauty of creation and new beginnings. Don’t miss it.

We believe that the best way to feel energetic irrespective of whatever circumstances you face is when your body aligns completely with your soul. It speaks to you about what it deems good for it.

Your choices improve and you will find yourself levitating away from choices thay do not contribute to your wellbeing. That will save more energy. It’s all an intuitive business you see.

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