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We human beings are biologically wired to be social. That means communication is vital for our survival and well-being. In fact, the inability to express ourselves leads to many mental health issues.

When we have no one who listens to us, feelings of isolation can set in. Loneliness can slowly worsen into depression which adversely affects our quality of life. If only we had someone to talk to about our emotions and pain.

Who Are We?

Don’t worry. We are here for you, as friends and confidantes. Our team of skilled and well-trained professionals, counsellors and therapists have your best interest in their hearts.

We empower you to be self-compassionate so you can understand your pain better and deal with it.

With our expertise and support, you will explore hidden and neglected emotions within yourself. Such unseen feelings get in your way without you even realizing it.

If left unaddressed, these emotions will pile up and cause serious damage to you. Your personal life, career, relationships, health and overall ability to experience joy can be adversely affected.

Our Counselling Therapy and Art Therapy Methods

We will teach you to heal yourself from any and all emotional baggage. Our in-depth approach imbues your being with compassion. You will see yourself with kindness and love and not as an enemy.

We cannot help ourselves if we hate ourselves. Compassion is the way to go. By spending time with us, you will learn to work with yourself as an ally.

Together, we will journey to your past and resolve every issue, one at a time. You will accept your strengths and weaknesses and make the most out of them to live a fulfilling life.

Our methods are tested and effective. We have the following tools to help you prosper and find happiness.

1.    Counselling Therapy

Our team of licensed and board-certified counsellors will help you, using the depth-oriented supervision model. This model offers a holistic view of the therapy sessions.

We create a safe space for you to be comfortable. It is a place free from judgement and full of compassion and support.

You can unravel your mind and face your deep-seated issues without fear. Discover your truth at your own pace. We will be there with you at every step, watching over you.

When you are ready, we can move on to building effective habits and tools. This will make you self-sufficient and independent. The ultimate aim of our services is to equip you with life skills.

No matter what the problem may be, you will learn to cope with it and emerge victorious on your own. Of course, we will always be only a call or email away. Reach out to us whenever you wish to.

2.    Expressive Arts Therapy   

Our art therapy goes beyond conventional art therapy. Normally, art therapy requires you to create a work of art which is then discussed between your therapist and you.

We, on the other hand, make this system more scientific. Our short exercises are thoughtfully designed to tap into your right brain. This leads to deeper and more therapeutic conversations.

You do not require any prior knowledge of art or craftsmanship for our expressive arts exercises. We will discuss which medium suits you best, be it painting, sketching, writing, storytelling or making a collage.

Sessions are usually built up spontaneously at the moment, based on the need of the hour.

All you need are some stationery items along with some magazines to make a journey inside your mind.

Expressive art therapy will help you determine the roadblocks to your creativity. You will also discover what inspires you to keep going. Slowly and steadily you will discover how to express yourself creatively and breeze through life.

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Come and experience a world of creativity, freedom and compassion. We are always here to listen and help you grow into your true potential. 

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We empower you to be self-compassionate so that you can process your issues and deal with them.
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