Reiki Healing & Karuna Reiki: Feel Alive Today!

How to deal with Anxiety and remove stress in your life? Have you tried ways to reduce stress in your life but nothing seems to work? Not to worry. Read further on how this ancient technique that has helped millions across the globe can also help you in achieving a better and positive mindset.

Reiki is an ancient alternative therapy technique that is based on remote energy healing. Under this system, healing is done using the palms or hands-on method. The energy is transferred by the reiki practitioner to the patient and aims for emotional or physical healing.

Reiki came from Japan in the late 1800s. It is based on the focus of the flow of healthy energy from the practitioner to the patient. 

There are several types of Reiki and in this article, we are going to focus on Karuna Reiki and Reiki Healing.

What is Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki was developed by Master William Lee Rand in 1995. The concept of Karuna Reiki is based on the system of compassion and how it can be used to reduce the suffering of others. Under Karuna Reiki, the system focuses on receiving knowledge and attaining the ability to forgive yourself and others.

As this is the ultimate objective of several spiritual activities across the board, Karuna Reiki is based on the right principles. Karuna Reiki has a higher vibrational system as compared to Usui Reiki and is considered as the next level.

Why Karuna Reiki is needed?

Karuna Reiki and the associated symbols and attunement process makes it a deeper healing exercise. The use of chanting and toning under Karuna Reiki makes it one of the most sought-after systems of Reiki across the world.

Karuna Reiki helps in dealing with deeper problems by way of advanced techniques. It can handle basic issues like mental focus, stress, anxiety and at the same time can handle advanced issues like addictive behavior, karmic issues, physical injuries, and resistance to healing.

Karuna Reiki focuses on the ability to use compassion to achieve spiritual independence. Karuna Reiki also helps in activating the energy system to its full potential.  

Benefits of Karuna Reiki

The benefits of Karuna Reiki are multi-pronged. The most popular benefits of Karuna Reiki are as follows:

·        Enhances the ability of healing in the body

·        Developing strong relationships and healing relationships becomes more result-oriented

·        Gets rid of old energy blocks that are stuck and not moving

·        Can be integrated with modern medicine easily

·        Helps in chakra balancing

·        Helps in achieving a higher level of spiritual independence

·        Helps in breaking negative patterns in life and cleansing karmic blockages

Expected changes from Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki is expected to provide life-changing benefits. Regular sessions of Karuna Reiki can be expected to provide the following benefits:

·        Better mindset and orientation towards life

·        Physical healing properties

·        Better spiritual level

·        A high amount of healing energy is received

·        Sense of achieving higher good for others

Karuna Reiki is one of the most advanced forms of reiki healing. The basis of this method is that people are full of compassion and that can be used to heal the physical and mental wounds of the patients. In this method, the compassion under you spurs you to further help people with their wounds once your wounds are healed. As a result, it is a collaborative practice that encourages healing through compassion.

Book your session today to witness the magic of Karuna Healing and how it can help you achieve a better mental state and improve overall well-being in life.

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