Evaluate your friendship with 5 signs of it affecting mental health

If you are talking endlessly on the phone over some bickering topic it certainly affects the amygdala in your brain. Have you observed that heaviness in your head when we speak and chat mindlessly in our friend circle. Friendships do not always turn out the way we want them to. sometimes .you find yourself deep within a toxic company and before you know it, it impacts your mental health and wellness.

However, there are clear signs that you can look out for to safeguard your mental well-being.

How a toxic friendship impacts your mental health

A toxic friendship can really bog you down and make you lose your self-confidence. Any toxic relationship carries extra baggage which can be difficult to handle. It can change you as a person, reduce your creativity and lessen your originality. Due to pressure, you could be predisposed to adverse effects of stress on the body and mind. You lose focus and a lot of energy which could have been used on something more progressive.

Signs you are in a toxic friendship

Feeling stressed when thinking about the friendship, feeling low, irritable or even fearful around your friend are the signs that you should look out for.

1. They are always right.

It doesn’t matter what you say -if you are in a toxic friendship, your opinion will rarely ever matter. In long term agreeing to everything your friend says could get tedious and you will end up realising how important it is to have agency and stand your ground.

Suggestions to improve-Try to bring the discussion to a middle path in a place you both are satisfied and valued.

2. They gossip about you behind your back

It could be something you might have been noticing and ignoring for a while . Most importantly when called out, they are likely to get defensive and gaslight you into believing that you are a bad friend.

It is so common in apartment living ladies’ circle that the person who turns back is being criticised. Of course, when you meet the same person 20 times a day thing really heat up and hard word is exchanged.

Suggestion to improve-Correct a few facts that you feel are real allegations about absent friends.

3. You dread confiding in them

They are sweet talkers, but given their tendency to gossip, you aren’t sure whether sharing your thoughts on any given subject is a great idea.

Suggestions to improve-I know you also want to share and let go of things so do it carefully and have that sense of awareness that things you said may be used against you anytime.

4. You are walking on eggshells all the time.

Their temper can’t be predicted and given their tendency to be moody you are always second-guessing yourself and your thought.

suggestion to improve-Stay the safe distance from them

5. You feel heaviness after spending time them

A definitely good friendship increases your energy, you feel relieved and less tense about it and keeps repeating in your mind. Then it must avoid or regulate groups.

Suggestions to improve-Talk to the point and then wind up the call or chat. Don’t drain yourself in such a talk.

How to regulate a such friendship

Whether or not you wish to end things is a personal decision that you should take independently. The decision about regulating is my suggestion. See no one has seen tomorrow and there is always a possibility of people changing their hearts and mind.So keep them in list and make informed decision of connecting them.

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