The pursuit of love

The pursuit of love

What a tough thing it is – to find the one who sets your heart on fire and soothes it to the tranquillity of still waters, all at the same time.

We agree it’s been difficult for you – all good things come with patience and trust. One day, it is destined we promise, that you will look back and smile at how hopeless you felt, but love the order of the day changes. For change is the only constant and we hope you find enough evidence to believe that.

  • Trust the timing
  • It will happen
  • It does not matter
  • You attract who you are
  • They will arrive, until then live

Trust the timing

You might find love at 40 or 20 or maybe never. Understand that the third option we mentioned is to simply enforce the fact that you will be perfectly happy without it too.

What will lead you to your eventually beautiful ending is an alignment with the truth of your spirit. Be one with nature. Be one with love. And love will unite with you. Trust the process.

It will happen

When you start embracing your highest potential and become a force of positivity and strength, you will attract partners alike. A state of desperation for love will only cause you to attract similar mates and that might just not go too well in the future.

So instead of lamenting or feeling down about how you love life currently is, try to manifest an alternate reality of higher consciousness. That path will lead you to your ideal make. Or even if it does not, it will surely lead to your real unleashed beautiful self.

It does not matter

The secret to finding what you are looking for lies in letting go. Let go of the desire to have a mate or partner and enrich your life with beautiful relationships – love comes in myriad forms. Every form of love will nourish and help your navigate through difficult times. 

Romantic love though beautiful is not the only aspiration for someone wanting to feel happy. There are hundreds of ways to feel contentment in equal measures or even more.

Most of them have something to do with how you think about yourself and how you decide to shape your existence into a meaningful narrative. Fall in love with the world, honey.

You attract who you are

You might be crumbling into a state of grief and exasperation over how unsuccessful you have found this pursuit of love to be. But understand that it is hardly possible in this case for your fate to design a good method of helping you find love.

Instead, you might end up attracting people who are vibing with your lower state of energy. Sad. Melancholic. Full of baggage. What you must do rather is to take tiny steps towards building a positive mindset for living. 

Feel gratitude for the fact that you are alive and experiencing life in all its beautiful forms.

A good way to improve your spiritual state is by meditation. Meditation calms the mind and makes you feel more mindful about the way you respond to the external stimuli you encounter in day to day life. You will feel calmer and discover that you are not as unstable and volatile as you were before.

Cultivating a habit of journal writing will help you in keeping a subconscious vigilant eye on your mental and physical being. You should try writing down ten things you feel grateful for every day. That can cause an instant mood switch and over time you will realise you have changed and transformed.

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