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There is something beautiful and magical about love. It has an effect on our bodies as well as our minds. We feel butterflies in our stomachs and adrenaline rush as we move past the ones we like. Our mind goes blank, and sometimes we can not focus anywhere else. This is the power of love.

How do people fall in love?

People can fall in love in almost every setting. Many times long-time friends turn into lovers, and sometimes, you fall in love at the first sight. Love, at first sight, might sound like a fairy tale situation but does happen in real life too. There have been many cases of love at first sight.

How do people fall in love at first sight?

For some people, it is really easy to fall in love at first sight. They follow their intuition and just go with what their gut says. If they come across someone who they feel attracted to, they let their guard down and approach them. For another section of people, love, at first, sight, is a little complex.

Love, at first sight, is primarily a cosmic connection. Your eyes meet someone and you feel a connection with them. Without exchanging any words, you feel like you can understand them. Your faces brighten up and you are attracted towards each other.

It is a rare and lucky moment when both sides fall in love at the first sight with each other. there is equal reciprocation and understanding, Such relations are very strong and powerful as the humans in the relation are bonded tightly. There is trust and reliability.

It is like recognizing your soul mate from a crowd. Like the famous author, Paulo Coelho said in one of his novels, ” there will be a light shining around your soul mate and you will recognize it”. It almost sounds dreamy until it happens to you.

The other side of love

Sadly, there is another side to such sweet romances. Often the love, at first sight, is based on immediate attraction rather than emotional bonding. Attraction can fade away after some time, and heartbreak can follow. There have been cases of heart-breaks after falling in love at first sight.

Our movies typically show that the couple lives happily ever after. This happily ever after comes with a lot of struggles and sacrifices. Not everyone is willing to make that many sacrifices for the other person. So, many love at first sight relations tends to fall apart after a period of time.

So, should one not fall in love?

Firstly, there is no control over falling in love. It is literally termed as “falling” because of this reason that it is sudden and unintentional.

Secondly, one should never say no to love. Love brings a lot of things with it. It encourages you, strengthens you, and helps you be a better person. Love is considered the strongest force on earth and this force should not be ignored.

You can not announce the result of a relationship without trying. You have to take the risk in love and go for a trial. It might work out and you find the love of your life. Even if it does not work out, you get to have beautiful memories and positive energy.

So, it is worth trying in love, Give love a chance and let it blossom in your life. It will spread its fragrance in your life and it will be pretty even when it is gone. So, do not fear the unknown and uncertainty, take the risk, and let the adventure be. If you fall in love with someone, at first sight, go tell them. They deserve to know it!

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