Power of Positive Affirmation

What are positive affirmations?

In simple words, positive affirmations are positive statements that you tell yourself. These statements become a part of your self-talk. Once you repeat any line over and over – it becomes an affirmation. So, it becomes really important to notice what you are saying to your own self.

If you are worried due to any situation and you are repeating negative thoughts – then you are manifesting the same. In the same situation, if you repeat positive powerful statements to your own self, you will feel stronger. You will manifest positive energy that will give you courage to face the situation.

How do positive affirmations work?

Positive affirmations do not have any magical explanation behind, although they do work like magic. Many psychologists have tested the impact of affirmations on human mind and body. Affirmations are noted to boost the positive emotions and hormones in the body. These also affect the belief system.

All of us hold a strong belief system. This includes information about who we are and where do we belong. Like, you might believe that your prime identity is of a daughter and so you focus on being obedient. You want to be seen as a good daughter.

Such belief systems control our decisions and actions. Many times we are trapped in our belief systems and we do not even realise that.

Another example is of a child who was bullied when she was young. She might grow up to believe that she is not strong enough and people see her as weak. These beliefs in her mind are quite fixed and can not be changed overnight. Affirmations, though, can contribute towards shaping these beliefs. As per Self Affirmation Theory, the things we say to ourselves and we think about ourselves makes us. Since it is our thinking that is shaping us – we can always modify it.

So, affirmations have the power to break through our stringent belief systems. If the child in the above example practices positive affirmations daily in the morning (preferably in front of a mirror), she can gather a lot of strength. She can use even a simple affirmation like, “I am strong” or a little longer one, “I am stronger than this challenge”.

Where do affirmations work?

Positive Affirmations work in all the aspects of living, from health, love to finances to self care. There are certain statements within each category that can immensely help us to be our best selves. This is the purpose of affirmations – to discover your true potential.

How to choose the right affirmation for you?

It might be a little difficult to choose the right statements for your own self. You can not recite lines for every category as that would require a lot of time. You need to pick your most important goal of the moment and practice affirmations around that. Many times your counselor will help you with this. He/she knows you and what you actually want, and accordingly can suggest the right affirmations.

Some of the most common affirmations are:

  • I am Enough
  • I am Strong
  • I have a healthy Body
  • I accept my body
  • I am in control of my life
  • Today is a good day

You can start with these affirmations daily. For more personalised positive affirmations, you can take a counseling session with us. Our counselor will understand your worries and your belief system. After knowing your goals, needs and wants, she/he will give a list of affirmations.

This affirmations will be directly connected to your life goals. These will make your life better and help you achieve your highest potential.

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