Fat-shamed or fitness required? Choice is always yours.

Facing bullying because of your weight or walking, dressing and eating habits.Fed up with hearing hurtful judgement and comments about your weight, especially from close family-friends or even outsiders.

You need to ask yourself a few questions :

Question 1: Are the people I am surrounded by helping me deal with my emotional state or adding to it?

Question 2:Is depriving myself of food going to get me back my self-esteem?

Question 3-People around you might be really concerned for you. You may be the core of their life.

You know people surrounding you are genuinely concerned about your well-being leaving a family is out of option but yes you can share your helplessness to come out of the situation

The body positivity movement was set into motion due “to the increased attention to the harms of weight bias and fat shaming” (Stanford et al., 2018). Weight bias is described as “negative attitudes towards someone with excess weight or obesity” (Stanford et al., 2018). 

Fat shaming is described as the physical act of humiliating someone due to their excess weight, or them being obesity. Fat shaming and weight bias are a direct result of misinformation that culture has about a healthy body weight.


It is important to learn about yourself beyond the way you look. Write about your strength and weaknesses, build your strength and bring them to the forefront. Start with a MIRROR EXERCISE toward body acceptance. While you look into the mirror, notice three things you appreciate about your body and yourself as a person. This will bring back your confidence in the long run.

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